«If just one little enzyme — L-gulonolactone …

«If just one little enzyme — L-gulonolactone oxidase (GLO) — were present in the liver of man, he would be able to make loads of vitamin C from the sugar (glucose) in his blood. The abundant presence of this enzyme wouldeliminate man’s need to ingest vitamin C, substantially reduce the incidence of infectious disease, better equip him to meet toxic challenges, protect him from a host of degenerative diseases, and virtually eliminate diabetes. It gets even more interesting… Researchers have now identified the gene that would give man the ability to make the missing enzyme. And we also know this gene already exists in the DNA code of all humans. In other words, the complete instructions that would allow us to produce GLO are passed to each one of us from our parents.25 But the ability of liver cells to follow these instructions is deficient or completely missing. The logical, scientific conclusion is that: It is almost certain humans once synthesized their own vitamin C, as most other animals still do today. Unfortunately, researchers have yet to determine why the GLO code present in our DNA remains “untranslated” — that is, why the recipe for GLO is present but not carried out. It seems likely that a genetic mutation resulting in an inborn error of metabolism occurred in the past. Scientists almost universally assume that all humans share a complete absence of GLO, although it doesn’t appear that any serious study has ever been conducted to verify that assumption. It is possible that this defect may not be as universal as is assumed.»

Thomas E. Levy – Primal Panacea

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